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 Dota 2 Review

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PostSubject: Dota 2 Review   Dota 2 Review EmptyMon Mar 18, 2013 5:00 pm

Dota 2 is a RTS based off a mod of Warcraft 3 similar to League of Legends and Smite. In this game the objective is for you are your 4 other teammates to defeat the other teams ancient while defending yours. The map is divided into 3 lanes with paths connecting them going through the jungle. Inside the jungle players will find camps of neutrals that they can defeat to earn gold an experience. Each player can reach a level cap of 25 with each level being progressively harder to get. Players can also purchase items at the shop and secret shops to increase their stats. In the games players play as one of 98 heroes with more to come. The same hero may not be chosen more then once for anyone in that game. The game has many ways of letting you pick your hero, random draft, single draft (3 random heroes to chose from), least played, captains mode (a team captain bans and picks heroes on a turn based system with another captain) and all pick (everyone picks whatever hero they want). This game unlike most requires mostly strategy from the player in both their picks and how the build and play their hero. Each hero has his or her own unique powers that they use in battle and you want to find good combinations to make your team as strong as possible game play is slow at first but becomes more interesting at about the 10 minute mark. After each map players have the chance of getting a cosmetic item for there hero and you always gain experience which if you get 1000 will level you up and give you a cosmetic item automatically. Levels do not correspond to in game play and are for showing how good you are/ how long you played. Overall this game is at the top of my list with 10/10 you can get it for 2 cents in the steam market which makes it that much better, the fact that you can PvP makes the game much funner and game was well made and always interesting. Dota 2 Review Dota2_banner4Dota 2 Review Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT63ybBnP_mF85aCSmUiX1MvazJ4eR_BF8MXnP7jUQEUdooUHHe:

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Dota 2 Review
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