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 Done got griefed.

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PostSubject: Done got griefed.   Wed May 02, 2012 11:57 am

I found this server with 0 to none protections. The only protections are on the chests, furnaces and spawn. I griefed quite a few houses that none of the admins noticed. I covered it with dirt in a way that makes it look like nothing was ever there. Then Jake joined me and we nearly destroyed a 3 story house before getting banned. The ip is

So feel free to go there and wreck shit up!

"I wasn’t sure how long I could sustain the effort without breaking in two. It was as though the only thing holding my body together was my one burning desire to be better then Kakarott. Sometimes I thought I was losing my mind. Why wasn’t I able to obtain what Kakarott had obtained?! It didn’t make any sense. It was infuriating… and it was my fury that kept me alive."

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Done got griefed.
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